Telephone Advice

At Greenside Group Practice we offer a range of routine, bookable appointments, and on-the-day emergency appointments. Coughs, colds, sore throats, sickness bugs etc are NOT considered emergencies and you should try to consult a Pharmacist about over-the-counter medication you can take. If you ring the surgery for an appointment, the receptionist will ask you a few questions to see what is the most appropriate type of appointment for you. It is our policy at Greenside to always offer a GP telephone consultation if there is no appointment available. The receptionist will put a message on the doctor's daily message book and he or she will ring you to discuss what your symptoms and concerns are.  

telephone advice

During surgery hours the GPs are available to speak to patients

  • after morning surgery (usually around mid-day)
  • during the afternoon (before evening surgery)
  • at the end of evening surgery.

Times vary according to how busy the surgery is e.g. if there are afternoon clinics, home visits, meetings etc.

If a GP is unavailable to speak to patients at these times, a return phone call will be made to the patient as soon as it practicable.

Once a doctor has spoken to you, if they feel they need to see you face-to-face they will arrange for you to come in.

You must ALWAYS telephone the surgeries during our opening hours to be able to speak to a GP or get an appointment, we do NOT want our patients going and sitting and waiting for hours in A & E when they should be helped by us. In particular we will always try to see young children as soon as possible. Thank you.